Research Terminology Review

Matching exercise

Match the items on the left to the items on the right.

1. Statement of the research topic, including variables and providing justification for study
2. Critical summary of scholarly literature on the selected topic
3. Describes the reason study is being conducted
4. Explanations of how concepts or variables are defined and measured for a particular study
5. Reproducing research findings in a second study using the same procedures
6. System of assumptions, principles, and rules devised to analyze, predict, or otherwise explain the nature of a set of phenomena
7. A measurable characteristic that varies among the subjects being studied
8. Has direct clinical or practical application
9. Used to gain more information about specific variables rather than test a predicted relationship
10. Examines the relationship between two variables
11. Research conducted primarily to extend the knowledge base or extend theory
12. Study that does not have a strong degree of control over the variables
13. Research controls and manipulates variables to see what happens

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