Level Headings

Headings: Headings are very important and are a great help to you and the reader in providing organization of the paper and importance of narrative content. Topics of equal importance have the same level of heading throughout the paper. There are five levels of headings used in APA; however, most student papers will use only two or three levels (Levels 1, 2, and 3).

Many students have difficulty deciding how many levels they need and which levels to use. The outline of your paper, prepared in the planning and organization phase, will help you to quickly identify how many you need. The two-level and three-level are the most commonly used by students.

Two Levels 

Bold, Centered Uppercase and Lowercase (Level 1) 

Flush Left, Bold, Uppercase and Lowercase (Level 2)    

Three Levels

Centered Uppercase and Lowercase (Level 1)

Flush Left, Bold, Uppercase and Lowercase (Level 2)    

      Indented, bold, lowercase paragraph heading ending with a period.(Level 3)