2010 Sixth Edition APA Publication Manual

Brief Summary of Format Changes

The majority of APA guidelines in the 6th edition (2010) are similar to the 5th edition (2001), however, there are some changes and follows is a my brief summary of these changes. This is not an exhaustive list and you are encouraged to refer to the 2010 6th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to become familiar with all of the current APA publication guidelines.

FONT STYLE Times New Roman is the preferred font (12 pt). Courier is no longer accepted.
LEVEL HEADINGS Level Headings have substantially changed. BOLDFACE is now used in place of italicized font. Level headings now make sense! Level One is followed by Level Two, then Level Three, etc. Click here to see the new level heading format illustrated.
SERIATION Bullets are now permitted!!
PARAGRAPH SYMBOL The symbol for paragraph is no longer permitted (¶) and use "para" to indicate location of direct quotes of online sources that do not have pagination.
RETRIEVAL STATEMENT Including a retrieval statement/date is NO LONGER NECESSARY. Instead use the DOI for online journals. If no DOI is available use the home page URL for the journal rather than the database name. The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is preferred instead of the database name or URL because the DOI functions as a unique identifier. Most publishers are moving toward including the DOI on the first page of the article, however, for now they are commonly found in the online database search report along with the abbreviated abstract (if available). Once the DOI is set as an active link, the reader will be directed to http://crossref.org and directed to the article or a link to purchase the article.
RETRIEVAL STATEMENTS FOR WEB SITES Retrieval dates are no longer necessary for WEBSITES unless the material may change over time (e.g. Wikis).
PAGE HEADER The previous page header format is has been revised. Rather than a short 'header), the Running head (a shortened title that used to be only on the title page) is used as a left-side header on every page. The page number is still a right-side header.
TWO SPACES Use two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence.
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