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Running head/Pagination in Microsoft® Word

The running head is placed in the page header of the document (6th edition) and appears on all pages of the document. 

IMPORTANT: To ensure margins are correct, use the “insert header feature” available in your word processor, do not individually type these in. 

Identify each page with the Running head (flush left) and the page number is flush right. Do not use your name to identify each page. Again, use the automatic function of the word-processor as illustrated in this picture. Be sure the font type and size is the same as that used in the document.

There is a catch to setting up the page header using the format required in the 6th Edition of the Publication Manual. The issue is related to the requirement that the Running head and pagination appear on the same line with the Running head flush left and pagination flush right. Follow the directions below to do this successfully (create a custom header).

On the Insert tab, in the Header & Footer group, click Header. (See Image One)


Image One

Click Edit Header.

Type in your Running head (Example: Running head: APA STYLE & STUDENT PAPERS)

Next, click the tab key so that the cursor now is flush right.

Now, I need you to click on the Quick Parts tab (Insert group). (See Image Two)


Image Two

Click Field and scroll down and select Page (see Image Three) and then select the 1, 2, 3 page style under Format.


Image Three

The following image is what your header should like on page 1.

Image Four

The following image is what your header should look like on page 2.


Image Five

Please note that the “Running head” text is deleted on the second and subsequent pages. To set the first page header as different do the following (see Image Six). Click “Page Layout” > “Page Setup” > “Layout” and select “Different First Page”

Image Six

Tip: To save the header that you created to the gallery of header or footer options, select the text or graphics in the header, and then click Save Selection as New Header