Dr. Gwen’s Top 10 Signs Your APA Style Needs Help

  1. Misspelled words and poor grammar. Use the newfangled contraptions that are available (spell check/grammar check) and most important PROOFREAD!
  2. When you don’t use level headings to outline your paper (to match assignment criterion).
  3. When you use 3rd person (avoid personal pronouns and only use in opinion papers) or check with faculty. First person use went out of style in 1994!
  4. When you single space or triple space lines, all lines are double-spaced equally.
  5. When you don’t include a formal introduction (with a thesis statement) and a conclusion. Also, DO NOT use a level heading titled “Introduction" and be sure that the first line of text is the same as the title on the title page.
  6. When you don’t use the ampersand correctly in parenthetical citations and in the references with multiple authors.
  7. When you use incorrect seriation (lists) format.
  8. When you don’t use the correct font type or case for book titles and article titles in references.
  9. When you don’t use the header/footer feature in Microsoft Word, come-on this is easy!
  10. When you don’t check to see if all citations are in the references and vice versa.